There is one word that defines us. A word packed with attitude and temperament, but one that is not shouted, rather suggested. A word that summarises what we do better than any other, because it speaks of us without saying who we are, saying only what we do. Because in Barcelona we design the most eye-catching glasses to fully captivate unique glances. Above all else, at KALEOS we hunt for exclusive looks.


Glasses say a lot about you, more than you could ever imagine. That is why we’ve gone to a lot of effort to make KALEOS glasses ones that reflect everybody’s personality and attitude in any situation, even on a Sunday afternoon.
A wide selection of frames that everyone can identify with, from more conventional and reserved individuals to modern, extravagant trendsetters.
Exquisite design, top quality materials and a highly attractive price are ingrained in our DNA. And if that weren’t enough, our collection is dynamic, constantly growing, renewing and enriching itself in order to never cease to surprise you.


Finally, proud to be four-eyes


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